“Leeann Whiffen takes the reader onto the roller coaster ride that is autism from the first chapter to the last. This is an important, really powerful book.”

Kim Stagliano, managing editor, Age of Autism, and mother of three girls with autism


Leeann Whiffen was awarded “Outstanding Individual of the Year” by the Autism Council of Utah and is a recipient of the EP Maxwell J. Schleifer Distinguished Service Award (Exceptional Parent magazine). Leeann is co-author of the Early Intervention Fast Start Checklist developed for the ACU.  She is the past president and co-founder of the Utah Autism Coalition, and served as the Autism Speaks Utah Chapter Advocacy Co-Chair. She is currently a committee member of the Autism Treatment Fund, a Governor appointed position, serving as Chairperson from March 2010 to March 2011.

Leeann is also the founder of Utah Autism Give (UAG), a parent-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization giving hope to individuals with autism and their families through programs designed to offset treatment costs and strengthen family relationships.

Leeann has provided voluntary assistance in consulting with hundreds of families facing autism throughout the U.S. She’s presented at autism conferences and has been a featured guest on radio and TV stations to provide greater awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorders and related treatment methods.  Leeann currently lives in Utah with her husband and three sons.