Book Reviews:

Exceptional Parent Magazine – “… from cover to cover, hard to put down… This is a moving, thought-provoking book for anyone who has ever made sacrifices for a loved one, especially a child.” (04-09)

The Cuckleburr Times – “The way your life becomes enveloped in the condition to the exclusion of almost everything else is masterfully demonstrated in A Child’s Journey Out of Autism. Leeann tells the truth – you live and breathe it.. I love this book. 5 Stars.” (3-10-09)

Reading Extravaganza – “Even though it is a real-life story, it reads like a first class action and suspense book … Leeann turns out to be a fantastic writer. Her writing is clear, very straightforward and engaging, grabbing a reader’s attention from the first page and holding it to the very end … I cried tears of sorrow and joy, and I guarantee that everyone who reads this book will too. This book however, should be read by every parent, not only the ones with autistic children.” (2-27-09)

Shhh I’m Reading – “I would recommend this book if you have anyone in your life that is affected by autism. Whiffen’s story is very well written and doesn’t get bogged down in medical terminology. 4.5 stars.” (3-2-09)

Harriett Devine’s Blog – “I can only say that, whether or not you or anyone you know has been affected by this tragic disorder, you will not regret reading this extraordinary, inspiring and moving book.” (3-3-09)

The Book Nest – “This book was engrossing–taking over my thoughts and keeping me up at nights … gives a wealth of options for treatment. For those who do have experience with overcoming Autism, this book will be validating and familiar. For those working through it now, it will be a guiding light and hope to keep going. For those who have no experience with Autism, it is an opportunity to see what families who have these children are going through–perhaps inviting some understanding and patience.” (3-2-09)

Katie’s Literature Lounge – “This story is not only inspiring for those who are caring for an autistic child but it would also be inspiring for anyone who has a loved one struggling with an illness of any sort by providing hope through means of determination.” (2-28-09)

Good Clean Reads – “I found this book to be so hopeful and inspiring. I think that any mother could enjoy this story of a mother’s love and determination to help her child. For me personally, it also helped me to appreciate what I do have” (2-28-09)

Write By Faith – “I was moved to tears while reading A Child’s Journey out of Autism as Leeann had to struggle with Clay daily and when the treatment started I couldn’t put the book down.” (3-3-09)


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